Our Farm

The De Miccolis Angelini family

Sure enough, has been the owner since 1986, directly leads both agricultural and agritourism activities

The main cultivation activity of the company, which has over 60 hectares, between the countryside of Monopoli, Putignano and Fasano, is that of the olive tree, including about 25 hectares located in the Parco delle Dune Costiere, aimed at the production of Superior category extra virgin olive. We also produce jams, marmalade, vegetables, wheat, pasta, flour, almonds, wine grapes, fruit and a line of natural cosmetics with extra virgin olive oil.


Olive oil

Thanks to the attention to every detail, from cultivation to harvesting and milling, extraordinary oils are obtained which, depending on the olives used, have different organoleptic characteristics. Masseria Salamina extra virgin olive oil is obtained thanks to the milling, with mechanical means only, of varieties of olives typical of the Apulian territory – ogliarola, leccino, frantoio and coratina – grown mainly in the countryside of Fasano (Br), inside of the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes. Each of our oils expresses the soul of the Apulian territory and its unrivalled olive vocation: the almond of the orgiarola, the density of the leccino and its delicate tones, the strength of the coratina, hints of artichoke, carob, tomato and almond will become ingredients essential for making different combinations in the preparation of your dishes and an irreplaceable food in your diet. Using a REAL extra virgin olive oil does not only mean choosing an unparalleled flavour, but it is a healthy habit to guarantee our body polyphenols and vitamins essential for our well-being. The harvesting technique, aimed at avoiding injury to the olives and contact with the ground, allows to obtain very low levels of acidity and unique organoleptic properties. The olives are harvested in the optimum veraison period (colour change) to obtain the best polyphenolic, antioxidant and organoleptic qualities.


and Preserves

The best of Apulian fruit, with artisan recipes, without thickeners or colourings. Respect for seasonality and enhancement of typical fruits are our main ingredients. Along with the classic jams, such as apricots, strawberries and plums, some specialties: bitter orange marmalade, a rare, bitter and digestive fruit; Clingstone peach jam, a local quality of peach with an intense aroma; that of Pumpkin, suitable to accompany savoury cheeses and the quince jam, ‘Marmelo’, the oldest of all, from which the term Marmalade originates. Preserves, an ancient tradition handed down from generation to generation, the most natural, genuine and immediate method to stock up on healthy and good foods to be consumed at any time of the year. We offer you the tomato sauce and typical product of the tradition that never fails on the Apulian table.



Already in ancient times, olive oil was considered precious for body care and today its properties are scientifically recognized. This is why we have created a complete line of cosmetics based on our extra virgin olive oil, enriched with natural ingredients and made in an artisanal way, because we believe that nature, in its perfect balance, has given us everything we need.


Vegetables and Fruit

Here every season offers variety and flavour. Cime di rapa, broccoli, chicory of different varieties, fennel, winter cabbage are gathered under the rows of centuries-old olive trees; peppers, courgettes, aubergines, courgette flowers, lettuce and summer tomatoes. Even the orchard among the 46 varieties present, guarantees healthy, genuine and high-quality products all year round. To preserve our biodiversity, ancient varieties are cultivated that have risked extinction, such as the mandarin ‘Profumato di Monopoli’, the tomato ‘of the queen’ and, in the land located in the Parco delle Dune Costiere, organic durum wheat of ancient variety, with excellent nutritional characteristics and a unique and authentic taste.
The reconversion of the places for the accommodation business was subject to careful renovations, with the aim of improving the usability of guests and the quality of the services offered, while respecting and enhancing the existing and the historical and cultural background it represented. We therefore tried to follow the development of the accommodation business in an eco-sustainable way. For example, by creating a biomass heating system, integrated with solar panels and district heating, which allowed us to obtain greater efficiency and effectiveness compared to other energy sources, using the wood chips produced by the pruning of our centuries-old olive trees, a of the most expensive processing stages. In 2009, thanks to this choice, we won the Oscar green, energy for the future. Another example is the system that was chosen for the swimming pool, with natural purification, which uses sea salt to produce chlorine, thus avoiding the intense use of the chemical one. Among the projects there is the construction of a photovoltaic system to achieve energy autonomy and we are promoters of an eco-sustainable mobility initiative, through the use by our guests of electric vehicles and charging points located throughout the territory.